What the Town is About…


The Town of Clifton Park is one of the most progressive municipalities in the six county Capital District region with respect to open space preservation.  Starting with the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve Master Plan in 1996, the Town has supported and focused efforts on:  the creation and development of a master plan network of nature trails, the development and adoption of the first comprehensive Open Space Plan in the Spring of 2003, the employment of the first credentialed Open Space Coordinator in the Capital District, and the acquisition of properties to protect open space resources. 

The Town employs a full-time Director or Planning-which includes implementing the Open Space Plan-as well as an Open Space Coordinator.  There are also town positions for Parks and Recreation, Environmental Specialist, etc., among other posts.  The Town also sponsors an Environmental Conservation Commission, Park District Advisory Committee, and the Open space Trails and Riverfront Advisory Committee.  Some of our members have been asked to sit on these Boards.  However, Friends is not associated with any of them, and is not an agency of the town.   

It is important to understand this distinction.