What We are About


Friends started as a citizens group concerned about the rapid expansion—both residential and commercial—across the town.  We wanted to understand the issues and concerns of the different sectors involved and to suggest possible ways to highlight the value of open space protection in preserving the quality of life in the town, while accommodating the need for growth and vitality. 

We have sponsored speakers, a forum with large landowners & the Town Assessor, walks and tours, and numerous presentations to the Town Board and Town Planning Board on our issues.  We received an Environmental Stewardship Award from the Town Environmental Conservation Committee.  We were actively involved with the town’s Open Space Plan and GEIS (Generic Environmental Impact Statement) studies, worked hard for hiring the Open Space Coordinator, spoke at many public hearings, and suggested zoning changes.  The list goes on….

We can also suggest ways citizens can get involved in doing similar work either within our group or on their own. 

Stewardship of the land is important to everyone.   

  • Everyone in the town has important open space resources nearby. 
  • Most developments have park districts. 
  • Town trails are being added and extended regularly. 
  • There are different interest groups for passive and active recreation, for paved and unpaved trails, for river access and for historic preservation. 
  • Open space opportunities in the eastern part of town are important to identify. 

Whatever your interest may be, we urge you to get involved in making a case for its attention in open space planning.