o January— Mapping of Resources and Identification of Special Places, Findings presented to Town Board
o June—“ A Vision for the Future” Brochure Prepared
o July–Public Presentations–Clifton Mall, Clifton Commons
o August—Town Board Presentation on Comprehensive Plan
o October—Revisions to Cluster Zoning Law Sent to Town
o October–First Open Space Task List Prepared
o December–First FCPOS Newsletter Produced

o March—Guest Speaker, Wildlife Biologist Speaker at Public Meeting
o April—Guest Speaker, Town Assessor in Agricultural Forum with Large Landholders
o April—Earth Day Celebrations and Nature Assisted Town on Open Space Grant Application—April
o July—Supported Town Grant for Round Lake Reservoir
o December—Environmental Stewardship Award from Clifton Park Environmental Conservation Commission

o Several members are Invited to join Town’s Open Space Committee
o January—Guest Speaker, Cory Trembath, Architect re: Open Space Design Techniques
o Friends Web Site: Completed

o January–Special Places Nominations
o February-April—FCPOS Contributions to Town Draft Open Space Plan
o March—Building Moratorium Request to Town Board
o June—Present Open Space Planning Concept at Public Hearing
o June—Present Water Planning Concept for Western Clifton Park

o February—FCPOS Open Space Policy Statement
o March—Comments on Industrial Development Agency processes

o April—Public Comment DGEIS Western Clifton Park Moratorium
o April—Suggested Strategies for Land Preservation in Draft GEIS
o June—Call for Public Hearing on Exxon-Mobil at Usher Rd
o July—Public Information Booth at Town’s 4th of July Fair
o August—Presentation of facts at Exxon-Mobil Public Hearing
o August—Public Hearing comments on GEIS Western Clifton Park

o January—Letter to Town Board re: Natural Resources Preservation Zoning Request
o February—Letter to Town Board re: Light Industrial Zoning Suggested Changes
o August—Comments to Planning Board re: Ushers Road Development
o October—Letter to the Editor for Clark Wilson Tribute
o November—Open space Funding Comments, Clifton Park Budget Hearing
o December—FCPOS Incorporated

o January—Public Hearing Comments Re: Round Lake Bypass Eminent Domain
o March—Letter to Town Board encouraging ad hoc committee for Town Center ideas
o March—Guest Speaker, Jennifer Viggiani, Town Open Space Coordinator
o April—Wood Road Corridor Development comments to Town Planning Board
o April—Guest Speaker, Gerry Magoolaghan, Belmonte Builders
o April—Guest Speaker, Don MacElroy, DCG Development

o January—Letter to Town Board Re: Planning Board protocols, e.g. length of meetings, public participation, etc.
o June—FCPOS 501C3 status approved by U.S. Internal Revenue Service
o June3—Guest Speaker, Kate Maynard, Town Planning Dept, re: Amenity Zoning
o November—Letter to Planning Board Re: Full Environmental Impact Statement for XAR Project on Wood Road corridor

o January—First Exit 9 Land use and Transportation Study Plan Town workshops
o May—Trout Unlimited study of the Dwaaskill to start
o May—Our SEQRA (State Environmental Quality Review Act) training
o June—Guest Speaker, Bill Engelmann, re: presentation on the Dwaaskill
o June—Letter to the Planning Board re: Lead status on Ushers Road Project
o June—Start work on Green “C” project
o October—Letter to Town Board re: Stoney Creek Reservoir up for sale

o March—Guest Speaker, John Scavo, Town Planner
o April—Awarded $5,000 Legislative Grant from NYS Assemblyman Bob Reilly
o May—Meeting with Jennifer Viggiani, Town Planning Dept + Jim Romano, Town Board member, re: Green” C” project
o May—Letter to Planning Board supporting ECC’s recommendation of a positive declaration of SEQR on XAR project
o September—Develop Evaluation and Rating worksheet for Green “C” project
o Receive official award notice for grant and instructions for NYS Legislative Grant contract

o January—Submit Request For Proposal for Green “C” grant work to 6 local colleges
o February—Submit completed NYS Contract for Green “C” grant to NYS Dept. of State
o March—Select Siena College for Green “C” grant work
o Start Siena contract, meet with town and Siena professor on Green “C” project
o April—Participate in Science night at Shenendehowa Schools
o June—Receive Siena’s first Progress Report
o August—Receive Siena’s Preliminary Final Report
o October—Letter to Planning Board on proposed Light Industrial Zoning changes

o May—Receive final Siena study report and maps
o May—Guest Speaker, Blue Neils, presentation on Saratoga County Storm Water Management
o August—Complete Siena study Final Report with Executive Summary
o Siena College wants to use our model for other work which they might do in this area
o Work on compiling project and summarizing Siena College study Green “C” results
o October—Present Green “C” study findings to Clifton Park Open Space Committee

o February—Present Green “C” study findings to Clifton Park Town Board
o April—FCPOS holds workshop at NYS Recreation and Parks Society convention
o April—FCPOS participates in Science Night at Shenendehowa Schools
o June—Present Green “C” study findings to Clifton Park Planning Board
o September—Present Green “C” study findings to Town Environmental Conservation Commission (ECC)
o October—Letter to Town ECC suggesting revisions to Accepted Standard Statements

o April—FCPOS participates in Science Night at Shenendehowa Schools
o April—FCPOS donates birdhouses to be installed at the Town Transfer Station
o May—Letter to Town Environmental Conservation Commission re: Prestige Motors variance
o June—Press Release and Presentation of Siena College Green “C” study data on CD discs to Town
o October—Letter to Town Board re: Prestige Motors and Land Conservation zones variances
o November—Public presentation at Clifton Park Library re: Green “C” study results

o April—FCPOS participates in Science Night at Shenendehowa Schools
o April—FCPOS participates in handout of Honeybee Boxes in the town
o May—Participate in Town’s First Open Space Day Celebration and hand out Sunflower Seeds

o March—Letter to Town Board re:  Town Center Zoning Residential Cap Variance Request
o March—Letter to Zoning Appeals Board re:  Caruso Project Variance Request