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Join us at Lakeside Farms for a festival honoring local breweries and benefiting Friends of Clifton Park Open Space 

The 100 Mile Beer Fest is set for Saturday, October 7th  2:00–6:00 pm at Lakeside Farms at 336 Schauber Road.  Tickets are on sale for $52.00 and will be limited to 400 only.


This benefit is courtesy of one of our Clifton Park residents and supporters.  We hope to use funds donated by the event on any get-out-the-vote efforts necessary to pass a potential referendum on any sale of the school’s 34 acres to the town.
For more info or to buy tickets, visit the festival website:  100 Mile Beer Fest


FRIENDS will have a table there handing out information about our organization–and partaking of the festivities!  Hope to see you there!


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